Spa Retreats


With a philosophy based on continued physical, emotional and spiritual growth, ADARA SPA offers well-thought Retreats to inspire deep relaxation, rejuvenation and wellbeing.

Each one of our Spa Retreats is designed to offer you flexibility and variety so that you can choose the spa escape best suited for you.

They also allow the opportunity to enhance your sense of ultimate Zen while incorporating our special blends and practices.

ADARA Retreat

ADARA Retreat is our bespoke journey that will voyage your mind and soul from the highest tip of Mount Atlas in Morocco, passing by the Rice fields in Bali and ending in the middle of the Scandinavian forest havens of Sweden. A few more stops on the way will be stumbled upon that will complete this journey to its full potential. It starts with our Signature Moroccan Hammam where we will rejuvenate your whole skin to its original state with the renown Traditional Moroccan Ghassoul clay. Once you dry up, we will go through our favorite and signature massage using heated Asian techniques to determine energy flow obstruction followed by light to medium pressure strokes with warm virgin coconut oil to relieve deep rooted stress and restore health and wellbeing. Now that your lower Region have been taken care of, it’s time to move to the upper Region of your body. A 24 Karat Gold Face mask will be gently laid on your face which will renew cells at the basal layer of skin and with carefully studied pressure points on the head, your comfort levels will be intensified leaving you completely placid. And right when you think it’s over, we will actually take you one step further by serving you a combination of chocolates, fruits and a drink of your choice.

Arabian Retreat

Our Arabian Retreat is truly unique and deserves the distinction of being one of the most original spa treatments of all time. Set sail to Dubai with this luxurious head-to-toe package designed to awaken the senses while providing nourishment and hydration to the skin. Commencing with an Oriental-lit steam room, a special mix of Coffee and Leather Musk Oud Oil is applied and scrubbed all over your body with a special attention to your face. Your skin will tighten from the stimulating effects of caffeine and oud by improving blood flow and eliminating excess water. We will then move you to our refreshingly chic and modern accented room where your feet will be enveloped with an aromatic Oud oil compress. Using the precious Oud Oil, the therapist then conducts a freestyle massage of the back and shoulders, followed with raking motions specifically used to eliminate blocked energy as a drawing technique before turning you over for the rejuvenating facial element of the treatment. An application of Skin Boosting Eye Mask will be slowly laid as we perform a nurturing scalp massage only to conclude with a Reflexology treatment to open neural pathways and flood the nervous system with neuron activity which puts the body in a more relaxed state. Arabian delights and Moroccan tea are offered in our relaxation area as a grand finale.

Chi Balance Retreat

Chi is the energy current that runs through our bodies, providing us with circulation, nutrients, and minerals that we need to be whole. Your life works in very much the same way, maintaining balance is about ensuring all the elements in your life within yourself and your environment are aligned, working together to give you the full richness of life. So, let us Balance your Chi with a combination of treatments that are tailor made for such a purpose. Starting inside the Hammam with a steam that does wonders for softening the skin and relaxing the mind, your feet will be plunged in what we like to call a Detox Bucket. This bucket has our recipe mix of Traditional Chinese herbs that drain the toxins from your whole body. While that is happening, a Ginseng mask is laid on your face allowing it to work its magic. This plant is heroically named the “Root of Life” and is considered a centuries-old gift from the orient giving a fresh new take on beauty. A full body scrub using a blend of virgin coconut oil and fresh mint, will fragrant your body preparing it for the auxiliarating Ginger and spices Body Wrap. An Asian herbal massage using a mix of hot oils and Ginger and strategically placed Chakra stones around your body will ensure the complete balance of your Chi. For a continuous balance, we will offer Hot Ginger Tea and some Freshly Cut Fruits.

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