Signature Nail Treatment


With a philosophy based on continued physical, emotional and spiritual growth, ADARA SPA offers well-thought Retreats to inspire deep relaxation, rejuvenation and wellbeing.





Classic manicure
Classic manicure including nail polish
Semi-permanent manicure
Semi-permanent French manicure
Acrygel / gel sculpture manicure
Add-Ons: Hand Massage | Shoulder Massage | Paraffin Dip | Organic Scrub | Nail Art



Classic pedicure
Professional pedicure
Medical pedicure
Semi-permanent pedicure
Semi-permanent French pedicure
Add-Ons: Feet Massage| Shoulder Massage | Paraffin Dip | Organic Scrub | Callus Away | Feet Detox



Nail polish
Semi-permanent polish
Nail art stamping
Shellac removal
Acrygel / Gel removal
Organic scrub hands / feet
Feet massage
Shoulder massage
Hand Massage
Paraffin Dip
Callus treatment
Feet Detox
Head Massage
Gel/Acryl Refil
Express Foot Massage
Semi Permanent Polish Removal


Adara Signature Spa Manicure or Pedicure

Our Signature Treatment will restore the natural healthy radiance of your hands and feet. It starts with a gentle soak in 24k golden organic salt followed by some delicate treatment for your nails. Your therapist will then apply an enriched hand mask sealing in a beautiful glow or a natural organic foot scrub with a hydrating balm for a deep conditioning treatment. A soothing massage will then release the underlying tension from your tired hands or feet. Lastly, we’ll dress your nails with the color of your choice for a long lasting glamourous look.

Hot Stone Spa Manicure or Pedicure

Pamper your hands or feet with a warm, soothing, hot stone and feel yourself melt away. A soak in cannabis salt will helps open all your pores for a better given care for you nails followed by 4 extensive steps to ensure your nail stand out with their shine. Placing smooth, hot stones on your hands and fingers will increases your energy levels and boost blood circulation. The heat coming from the stones will stimulate the pressure points in your body areas where it is massaged leaving you in an ultimate state of bliss and Zen.

Feet Detox Spa Pedicure

Center your Chi with this authentic Chinese foot bath that will also improve your sleep quality, detoxify your body, eliminates foot and body edema, and will remove the moisture from the body. After 30 minutes of all that, we will treat your toe nails with pure love and care giving them the rightful look after that bath. Lastly, a reflexology treatment will prepare you for another hard walking day.

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