Adara means
beautiful and praised.


Having its origins in the middle of rich Arabian traditions and born of the desire to create a dreamy space of personal peace and vitality, ADARA SPA is the perfect place to escape reality and indulge in a relaxing atmosphere, devoted to health and beauty.

Setting the bar high for glamour, ADARA SPA came to life out of the sheer passion for wellness and well-being and it was designed with a sense of luxury in mind, taking the concept of spa to a superior level.


Created to offer an unforgettable experience

ADARA SPA treatments will surrender your senses from head to toe, taking your body through a journey of exfoliation, numerous types of massages, Oriental Hammam, Foot Reflexology and other techniques that will leave your body and mind in perfect equilibrium.

Come and be transformed
by distinctive

Ceremonial experiences delivered by highly-prepared hands that will lead you to a sublime state of rejuvenation. Combining years of knowledge and passion in Asia and Middle East, as well as modern and traditional treatment methods, our therapists are ready to greet you with premium products in a luxurious and healing environment, suitable both for relaxation and private events.

We not only nourish your body, we feed your soul

Step into a world where you have the chance
to explore ancient authentic Oriental rituals that will
help you rediscover your inner peace and beauty.

An oasis of calm

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