Facial & Body Treatments


Beauty is the way you look and feel.

We know a beautiful and healthy skin needs proper and intensive care, that’s why we selected the finest techniques for our facial & body therapies that will take you to a sublime state of relaxation.

Our estheticians will perform procedures perfectly suitable for you that will leave your skin silky smooth. For an extra special experience, we made sure that each service is carefully designed to achieve the highest level of comfort for your body and senses.

We also offer a series of body slimming and re-shaping treatments, using skin-friendly technology that’s safe for every skin tone, to rejuvenate, regenerate and restore the beauty that’s already inside you.

Facial Treatments

Radiofrequency therapy (Therma Lift)

With a minimal time, input, a natural lifting effect can be achieved. The treatment is non-invasive and gentle. Radio waves penetrate the skin and unfold their effect inside the skin. Molecules are set into motion and a desired heat effect is triggered. This stimulates the new formation of tightening collagen, increa­sing skin density and firmness and stimulating the cell metabolism. The external signs of skin aging are minimized and the skin looks smoother.

Collagen boost

Age defend

Gentleman’s facelift

Duration: 60 min
Duration: 60 min
Duration: 60 min

Facial lifting massage

Duration: 30 min

Facial cleaning

Duration: 45 min

Honey face massage

Duration: 45 min

Body Treatments

Organic Scrub

*choose on the spot the best combination with your own therapist from our world of ingredients.

Duration: 60 min

Organic Body Mask

Organic body treatments are not only sensationally relaxing but they do wonders for our skin.

Duration: 60 min

Ideal add-ons

Head massage

Face massage

Foot massage

Dream body weight loss options

Duration: 30 min /massage
Duration: 30 min /massage
Duration: 30 min /massage
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Eyebrows Color

Eyebrows Form

Eyebrows Form, Color & Line

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